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Each year, several macro photography competitions take place around the world.

These contests have various rules, but most allow photographers to submit their work in multiple categories or sub-events. Regarding prizes; cash, photography equipment, and author exposition are the most common.

Below are some of the most important Macro Photography Competitions.

The International Photography Awards (IPA)

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1st Place – Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz

The IPA Awards is an annual worldwide competition that recognizes and promotes excellence in photography throughout the world. Thousands of photographers from over 100 countries take part each year.

With the inclusion of new categories almost annually, the IPA has strengthened its presence since 2003, ensuring that no area of photography is missing. Fortunately, Macro Photography has been part of the event’s structure since its foundation, thus being a reference to monitor.

IPA has something for professional or non-professional photographers alike, with among the highest total cash prizes awarded in any competition of this nature.

Main Prizes:

  • $10,000 cash prize (Professional Categories).
  • $5,000 cash prize. (Non-Professional Categories).
  • Title “Photographer of the year”.
  • The Lucie Trophy.

Macro Art Photography Awards (by IGPOTY)

'Botanic Loop' By Bruno Militelli - Yearly Macro Photography Competitions

1st Place – Bruno Militelli

“The Macro Art Photo Awards” is an annual macro photography sub-competition that accepts submissions from all around the world. 

International Garden Photographer of the Year competition organizes the main event while providing comprehensive guidance about how to participate in a large variety of sub-competitions such as Macro Art Photography Awards.

“The Macro Art Photo Awards” encourages participants to showcase our green world by showcasing the details and wonder of nature, from the life of insects to the fascinating intricacies of flowers.

Main Prizes:

  • £250 cash prize.
  • Signed individual certificate.
  • Author exposition thru traveling exhibitions.

Photocrowd Photo Competitions (PPC)

Mustafa Öztürk - Anual Macro Photography Competitions.

1st Place – Mustafa Öztürk

PPC is quickly growing to be one of the most diverse macro photography competitions.

Do you have an unconditional admiration for dragonflies?  Flowers maybe?  Are you solely interested in competing in extremely specialized macro contests and have little interest in other topics? Then, Photocrowd is probably the place for you!

With over ten specialized categories, Photocrowd has something for most sub-niche macro photographers out there. Expert judges rate competitions designed exclusively for snails, beetles, arachnids, bees and wasps, and botanical-oriented subjects.

While the £250 prize money is not the best, branded photographic gear rewards are not uncommon and go for over £1000 in most cases.

Main Prizes: 

  •  £250 Cash Prize.
  •  £1000 Brand-specific gear.

Close Up Photography of the Year (CUPOTY)

Alena Shevtsova - Anual Macro Photography Competitions

1st Place – Alena Shevtsova

Annual Macro photography competitions can go wide in terms of categories. However, few go as far as including Underwater and Fungi. That’s not the case with CUPOTY.

Anyone from any country, with any camera, cell phone, or light microscope, may join CUPOTY and compete for a chance to be featured in the permanent “ Top 100 winner’s gallery.”

Winning images are published in a variety of publications, including The Guardian, The Telegraph, and others. In addition, well-known blogs such as BBC Wildlife and Digital Camera World participate in the dissemination of the permeated selection by posting the works on their respective websites.

Main Prizes:

  • £2,500 cash prize (Overall winner).
  • £300 cash prize (Category winner).
  • SIGMA 105mm F2.8 DG DN MACRO | Art lens (2021)

Bug Photography Awards (By BUGLIFE)

Mofeed Abu Shalwa - Buglife Bug Photography Awards

1st place – Mofeed Abu Shalwa

As tiny as they are, Bugs have a massive impact on macro photography.

Bug Photography Awards made an impressive first appearance when, in 2020, authors submitted over 5000 photographs.

The contest takes place in Photocrowd (PPC), but it stands on its own due to the panel of expert judges, who are themselves well-known in the field of entomology.

The most notorious representations of these fascinating invertebrates get media coverage, titles, and monetary rewards.

Main Prizes:

  • Total prize pool worth £20000.
  • £5000 cash prize.
  • The Title – “Buglife Bug Photographer of the Year”.

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