Best Macro Photography Subjects

Evergreen beauty close to your lens.

Hello there, macro photographer!

Flowers and insects are just two examples used to create striking macro imagery.

In this article, we will list a few more.

01. Flowers

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Flowers
Author : Janina Jackson

Flowers have existed for over 100 million years and are among the most diverse organisms on Earth. They will probably be embellishing our planet and the artworks of many photographers for a long while.

Flowers provide photographers with many opportunities to capture the beauty of nature. The vibrant colors of flowers can make stunning pictures, and macro photographers are arguably the luckiest. Not only because they can be exceptionally close to the flower’s beauty, but they can also find butterflies, bees, dragonflies, among other fascinating insects.

Some of the best flower macros can be found at the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition (IGPOTY).

02. Jewelry

Autor : Laurence Lassalle

Whether looking to pursue a career in photography or just looking for a few sparkly macro shots, jewelry is of the best macro photography subjects to consider.

The focal point is usually a centerpiece such as a gem or a symbol which leaves room for experimentation with the other composition elements such as background, backlighting, bokeh, etc. This approach requires an extra level of dedication often seen in studio photography, but the experience will forever be valuable.

03. Butterflies

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Butterflies
Author : Georgi Yordanov Georgiev

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful macro photography subjects. Here is why:

The wide variety of tones, patterns, and textures to be found on their wings. The vast diversity of sub-species. The fact that they are normally still once they land. The ease of shooting them, in the spring and summer, as they are attracted to flowers.

Furthermore, one of the best aspects of these majestic creatures is that they are not usually afraid of people. It’s time to repay the trust with some sweet macro portraits!

04. Bees

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Bees
Autor : Alan Johnstone

With their black-and-yellow stripes, fuzzy hair, and bulbous bodies, bees are among the most accessible insects to identify in the wild. And yet, they can also be one of the most challenging insects to photograph because of their defense mechanism; the stinger. However, most bees will not attack unless provoked.

Bumblebees, however, are normally calm and friendly. They are also the only bee species that can hover, like a hummingbird, and that is one reason they are so fun to photograph.

05. Mushrooms

Author : Georgi Yordanov Georgiev

It’s a sight to behold when, at sunset, the light hits a mushroom, making it look like a miniature lamp shining light into the forest’s soil.

They can be found with different characteristics in each continent, providing traveling photographers with a unique opportunity to have something special to photograph. Some come with colored dots, round and soft-looking caps, and somewhat translucent gills that work very well to retain light.

With over 14000 registered species, macro photographers can get much photographic diversity from this stylish fungus.

06. Water Droplets

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Water Droplets
Author : Krissy Katsimbras

Water droplets are one of the most popular macro photography subjects because they are readily available anywhere water exists. They are also relatively easy to photograph because they won’t move around. 

We can experiment with different lighting conditions, different backgrounds, and different magnifications. It’s not uncommon for us to end up with one of the most beautiful photographs in our macro portfolio.

Water droplets are a world of beauty and a safe harbor for any macro photographer. 

07. Leaves

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Leaves
Author : Dinah Jayes

To be found everywhere, leaves are abundant and stand out as one of the most popular macro photography subjects. They provide attractive patterns with a wide range of colors related to each season.

During Fall, for example, leaves explode in shades of purple, orange, and red, ready to entangle photographers to their natural beauty.

08. Food

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Food
Author : Ashraful Arefin

Over the past decade, food photography has become a popular artistic medium for enthusiasts and professionals alike. On the same note, macro photographers love to show off the colors, textures, and details hidden within delicious ingredients.

There’s never been a better time to get your hands on some fresh strawberries and click up a dozen of delicious-looking photos.

09. Beach Objects

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Beach Objects
Author : Panos Bross

When you are at the beach, you can photograph items or subjects that are much fun and very different from what you would photograph anywhere else.

The shells and sea creatures, the starfish and sea urchins, simply the sand, the light, and reflection. All these are great things to photograph. If you have a macro-capable lens, then you have a variety of ways you can create a colorful beach scene.

10. Snowflakes

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Snow Flakes
Author : Rogg4n

If winter temperatures fall, the most sensitive and lovely macro theme of the season appears. Snowflakes!

It’s impossible to deny that snowflakes are among the most fragile macro photography subjects you’ll ever capture. However, you’ll be surprised at the results you can get with the right tools and the right photography skills.

Snowflakes are an excellent opportunity to practice shooting with a macro lens and employ the best techniques to create stunning photos of these delicate ice crystals.

A snowflake will last for 10–20 minutes, so capturing their beauty can be a short and wild ride.

11. Electronic Components

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Electronic Components
Author: Unkown | Stock

Are you looking for some interesting and out-of-the-ordinary project ideas for your close-up or macro photography? Try transistors, broken circuit boards, or even your old memory ram sticks. These make for almost surreal scenery.

The abstractness of their shape is often a pleasant contrast to the delicacy found in the more traditional subjects, like insects and flowers.

12. Oil and Water

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Oil and Water - A_Different_Perspective
Author: A_Different_Perspective

Though oil and water are chemically incompatible, artistically they mix beautifully. The photographs based on these ingredients are usually simple but present great elegance in their abstract nature.

Transparent circles reflect colored backgrounds and directional light from flashes through smooth yet vibrant gradients. The result is sometimes worthy of a privileged position in a fine-art gallery.

13. Lego

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Lego
Author : Unkown | Stock

Lego blocks are an iconic toy piece that can be used in creative ways, including macro photography projects. Try arranging Mini-figures in a scene and tell a story or merge individual blocks into colorful patterns.

Play with depth of field and scale while aiming for a comedic shot to share online.

We love those!

14. Vine Trendils

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Vine Tendrils
Author: Bruno Militelli

The main idea of minimalism is to reduce something to its purest form. If you like this concept, vine tendrils are for you.

Tendril segments can form curly spiral tubes among other delicate shapes and can coil around almost anything, including themselves. With patience, you might find isolated bits that make wonderful black and white macro shots.

15. Zippers

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Zippers
Author: Jentel

Zippers are actually quite fun to photograph, and a quick Internet search will yield no shortage of examples.

However, there is one key factor with zippers to keep in mind: they are almost always flat. To give your photographs a 3D effect, you will need to pick an interesting angle.

The output might surprise you.

16. Coloring Toolkits

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Coloring Toolkits
Author : Unkown | Stock

Coloring toolkits may not produce the most spectacular photographs ever, but they remain one of the best subjects for macro photography beginners.

17. Candy

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Candy
Author : Unkown | Stock

Creating a great macro using candy is pretty simple. First, you have to find the candy. The best candy for macro photography is brightly colored and made of soft, pliable material. The soft texture and bright colors allow light to pass easily into the candy, giving the resulting photograph a vivid display of color and detail.

18. Clothing

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Clothing
Author : Unkown | Stock

Clothing can be a lot of fun to shoot at a close distance, especially when trying to capture the textures of the fabric, stitching patterns, or even little embedded details.

Jeans, for example, are one of the most popular types of clothing among Americans. Each pair of jeans has its unique look, style, and they often come with decorating accessories such as belt loops, button and zipper closures, patches, and rivets. That’s a lot of potentially great macro shots.

19. Eyes

Best Macro Photography Subjects - eyes
Autor : Suren Manvelyan

Whether to enhance a fashion magazine or capture the fascinating patterns and colors of the human iris, eye-related macros are all over the place. Are you familiar with the saying; Eyes must be in focus if you want to take a perfect portrait?  That is one of the central guiding lines of portrait photography, and it still holds.

Most insects have unusual-looking eyes, so consider staring at them at close range, and you might be hooked for the rest of your photographic career.

If you have a chance, take a look at this article about some of the most amazing eyes in macro photography.

20. Frozen Soap Bubbles

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Frozen Soap Bubbles - András Pásztor
Author: András Pásztor

How about making your own winter desktop wallpaper? Photographing soap bubbles as they freeze is something every macro photographer should try at least once.

Yes, it’s been done before (times a million) but there is always pleasant anticipation on how the crystals will shape up. Yes, it gets addicting.

21. Kitchenware

Best Macro Photography Subjects - Kitchenware
Author: akirEVarga

Forks, knives, spoons, kitchen graters, colanders, cookie cutters, kitchen scrubs are just a few boring items around the kitchen that can be turned into beautiful macro images.

Mundane Objects

Best Macro Photography Subjects -Mundane Objects
Author : Lzee Bleu

The idea of shooting everyday objects can sound a little dull. However, talented photographers have proved that shooting mundane objects can be as fun and exciting as we want it to be.

Take mundane items like a ballpoint pen, for instance: In the hands of a talented photographer, a ballpoint pen can turn into an exciting, mysterious image full of color and texture.

The trick to taking great pictures indoors is to open your eyes to the beauty already in your everyday surroundings.

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